FORFAX – My New Musical Project

Digital EP + one LP is out and another album is to be released at the end of August 2019!

The brand new FORFAX EP – “Inanna’s Descent Into the Underworld” AND the first full-length album “The Haunting Nightmare” is now available on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play Music and YouTube Music.
A second digital LP is to be released during August. But before we move on, we’d like to explain both the project as such and the three releases because there is some stuff that needs to be clarified before you head on!

Let me introduce you to FORFAX

Please, take ten minutes of your life and read my words, I ask you because I believe that you actually may gain something from it no matter which music you normally listen to.

Project FORFAX was born during spring 2018 in Rånäs, Norrtälje outside of Stockholm, Sweden. It consists of me and one secret person. This person is a big driving force behind FORFAX creativity and wishes to remain unknown. All the while I create all the music – all of the natural influences and the sole architecture of FORFAX playground is being prepared by the “silent” member. I will now talk about the music.

The Source

Some new kind of strange music has found its way out of my bizarre brain from the same source that Eucharist’s riff-making comes from. It is not metal and not techno. Its music is mainly instrumental Ambient but in so many different forms and shapes that it creates a whole world of different audible impressions which in turn affect the mind in an often meditative way. More about this later. FORFAX’s tracks are also long, repetitive and are built on monotonous rhythmic that can be truly mesmerizing when focusing on the music.

I will give you a tip: you are meant to listen to these instrumental tracks, ideally with headphones, and with your eyes closed and when you have the time to really focus on the music – just the way you would when listening to, let’s say, Frédéric Chopin‘s nocturnes, i.e. Classical music. This material has a potential meditative effect on the mind if you just close your eyes and focus on its tones and rhythmic. You should not zap through the tracks when your immediate instinct tells you that the tracks are too long (it is kind of a part of the treatment) – but rather stay where you are at and, if needed, withstand or endure the length of the tracks even though you may find its content disturbing, perhaps a bit psychotic or too repetitive or if the tones are too dark and depressive. Another reason to keep listen is that often after a long start the architecture of the tracks often change and thus the soundscape. Honestly – it pays off to focus and stay on the track! And don’t forget to close your eyes before this hypnotizing journey begin because that truly increases the experience.

The FORFAX Experience

Listening to FORFAX is more of an experience than a normal listening because it will take you through a wide artistic environment where no rules or limits apply but the imagination of – through this “silent” person – my own enhanced creativity.

If you decide to embark upon the FORFAX journey, mysterious things may begin to happen inside your mind on a spiritual level. Listen to how dampened, devilish horns and trumpets of madness are being blown from the depths of the burning underworld and are being mixed with sounds and different instruments to create a vast and highly meditative soundscape where tones of depression, sadness and melancholy meet obscure darkness in a demonic maze of monotonous, repetitive rhythmic. A place where horror, grief and despair but also beautiful harmonic tones will interact and stream into your soul like the current in a river that cuts through a fantastic and dreamy, mysterious landscape which will serve as the playground for your imaginative interpretation of the musical content of FORFAX – my pride and joy.

The EP

The EP entitled “Inanna’s Descent Into the Underworld” has five tracks. These tracks are of a mixed source or it has both the disturbing, dark and hypnotic elements but also tones of beautiful sadness and harmonic melancholy. They do not represent and are not a part of the two forthcoming albums!

FORFAX's new EP "Inanna's Descent Into the Underworld"
FORFAX – Inanna’s Descent Into the Underworld

Two Full-Length Albums

A year has passed since the start of this project and over 80 tracks have been produced. Out of them, we have chosen 12 tracks for one album and also 12 tracks for the second album. Here are a few words about the albums…

The first album – “The Haunting Nightmare” (digitally released) – contains the first part of the production year and we have gathered for this album the tracks that are dark, demonic, to some even musically disturbing and they are almost all very monotonous tracks that tend to build up from a very calm breeze in the beginning to a more powerful storm, so to speak. The tracks deal with sorrow, depression, darkness and despair.

The second album (unreleased – no title given yet) on the other hand, contains more mellow and more melodic tones and it is very hard to categorize the music because we feel they are in-between genres. The tracks are full of expressive feelings and emotions.

Every track is unique in its architecture and differs in tonality, sounds, instruments and the emotions which it evokes. While some tracks may really intrigue you others may not appeal to you at all or the opposite. This is our intention: to challenge the ear and mind of the listener. We dare to take pride from what we think is an amazing result! A result we now pass on to you!

FORFAX's new LP - The Haunting Nightmare
FORFAX – The Haunting Nightmare

We have done our bit – now it is time to succumb your souls with the jaws of insanity and the beauty of the darker, bizarre sides of the human being.

Thank you very much if you have read all the way down to here! It is greatly appreciated. You are also very welcome to leave feedback using comments here; both negative and positive, of course!

Now that you have been given a brief overview of the project and the results – why not check it out, for example on Spotify or YouTube Music, today?

And psssst…. if you like what you hear we’d be happy if you spread the word about FORFAX and if you dislike it – please, spread those thoughts anyway and let other people make up their own minds by listening to us themselves. Thank you again and have a nice day!

Desolation X = Rånäs, nytt

Tänkte det var dags för lite nya desolation-bilder igen.  Ni får fortfarande lov att skicka in era egan foton så lägger jag upp dem. Det fixar du enkelt genom att klicka här

Jag sitter och surfar efter kontorsartiklar och nu är klockan ca 14:35 och jag började omkring kl 10:00-tiden i förmiddags; d.v.s. att jag suttit här och glott på pennor i fyra timmar! På nåt så hopplöst roligt som kontorsmaterial, bara för att jämföra och kolla och så vidare men det ena leder till det andra. Så mot slutet satt jag och jämförde olika snussorter

Från psyket till Rånäs…

Ja, då var man hemkommen till det underbara vädret här, 60 mil norr om den sketna peehålan Varberg då. Inte för att här ligger en meter snö men naturen är åtminstone snötäckt och vägarna är packade och rimfrosten bränner sig fast på vegetationen överallt här omkring och det liksom frodas inom mig på något sätt. Jag mår så förbannat bra av vinter när det får vara vinter, så att säga. Det finns ingen mer styrkande utomhusmiljö än vinterns karga landskap; kanske för att man jämför den mycket med den gamla själen man går omkring och släpar på så motvilligt.

Återuppstoden Från Bortom Skuggorna…

(Non-Swedish speaking visitors – use Google Translate – No shit?! I mean it! *_* )

JAG HAR VÄCKT BLOGGAREN I MIG ÅTERIGEN och förhoppningsvis kommer han vara mer konsekvent med skrivandet den här perioden. Man kan ju alltid önska det i alla fall även om det är mest troligt att idioten upprepar sig. Men ärligt, jag skall bättra mig OM NI LÄSER skiten jag skriver så blir det roligare att skriva också. Fast enligt statistiken är det bra fart här ändå men det kunde ju bli mer aktivitet typ med kommentarer o.d. 

Okej, nog om den dyngan nu…

New baby added to the family

SO, IT HAS BEEN A LONG WHILE SINCE I WROTE HERE NOW and this isn’t exactly any breaking news either. I was just going to post a photo of my new TB-303 clone. I used to have the TB-3 from Roland but I sold that one and now I have a so called x0xb0x. Yes, it is spelled with zero’s because of historic reasons. The TB-303 was just one piece of machine in a series that included the SH-101, MC-202, TB-303, TR-505, TR-606, TR-707, TR-808 and TR-909 and to make it easy to refer to the series it has been called the x0x series where x= the numbers of the machiners depending on which one you refer to, but when you speak of the entire series you called it x0x-series. My new toy (Mabye now you understand the name better) is named TB-x0x and is called a x0x box, really, thus its name x0xb0x.

Desolation X

IT’S BEEN QUITE A WHILE SINCE I LAST WROTE here but I am going to change that soon and start being more frequent here again so I am not gone for good. In the meantime I wanted to shoe some images of a place me an my brother found when we were out driving saturday morning the weekend we were at Gefle Metal Festival and we had nothing to do but to take a look at the surrounding nature. When I saw this desolated house where no one lives in and where the grass stans high all over I immidiately thought of my Desolation X project; it’s perfect for this.

Not much to say really. I don’t even remember what that little hole we lived in was called but obviously near outside Gävle. So go ahead and enjoy these photos. They are run through heavy filtering using Snapseed as you all probably can see.



Image 1 of 13

See ya’ll soon. Enjoy the sombre colors of the beautiful autumn that lays upon us now. Sweden is a wondrous place this time of year I think.

Killing my baby-mate…

Today I will go to the vet with my little companion. She is 17 years and 3 months old and she has cancer. During the past few months, she has lost both hearing and sight. Her sight was almost lost over night! But she has been strong and fought her battle against death and seemed pretty alert, walking around the apartment trying to find her way to whatever place she was looking for, but the last two nights she has hidden herself under my couch, and she doesn’t come out for food or water – she has always been a big drinker that could drink enormous amounts of cold water.

This dying world… is my home by force (A word on isolation)

NEVER IN MY LIFETIME WILL THERE BE any other place to go. This world is supposed to be a place where there is room for all of us but sometimes I feel as if there is not enough room for me alone. The mind during these periods is darkened by shadowed thoughts. Single words may then linger in my consciousness and repeat itself until I normally would be on the verge of insanity but I have been there so many times that I honestly miss that state of mind when I am not in it anymore.  How can that be so? Because once in there I feel undoubtedly secure and very isolated from the other souls around me. I do not see them. I do not feel their presence if they are around me.

Desolation X [Vistor Marie]

Hello. Long time, no see. Will get to the post writing once I have posted theses photos of desolation from Marie Zackariasson again :)

This time I give you a pair of photos. She describes them as follows:

Desolation X [Visitor Marie’s contribution]

I got another photo from Marie Zackariasson which had a really nice touch to it. She says it was shot during a walk on a path called Roslagsleden, Täby (Northern Stockholm) in 2015 and it depicts an old military bunker, and it made her think of all wars that were fought in the past and the fact that it is still going on today in our modern world and has simply never really stopped since way back in time.