Upload Your Photos To Support Desolation X-project (Sticky Post)

As you all have seen I post photographies under the name Desolation X. You can’t have missed it! And if you like the photos or the idea of this project – Please, feel free to upload your own photos to support the Project. I would love to have your photos sent to me! Maybe they are taken in another country, maybe just outside your door, in the woods, on the fields, hills and valleys or lakes or whatever, just as long as it has this feeling of melancholy in it. Some kind of depressive weight to it. Maybe you don’t see it the way I do, so just post the photos you believe will be suitable and I will publish what I like, but probably all. Just think of that no persons shall be on it. Otherwise, a dysphoric environment could be in the cities or in the country or in a house or a barn or wherever, really. You set the standard by what you upload.

I would appreciate this support very much because I love nature and I would very much like to have your photos! That would be more fun for us all because then they are new to me as well. I really hope we could get a flow on this project. Don’t stop to doubt – just upload it! 

Which Filetypes Are Supported

Supported filtypes are jpg|jpeg|png.

How do I upload a photo to the Desolation X-project?

You do it by going through the menu to the right, just under Desolation X there is a sublevel called >> Upload Photo (Ladda upp foto) – For Desolation X >> and you can click on either that menu option or on the link I just wrote inside the >>’s and fill out the form that will load when you click the link and choose a photo from your harddrive or memory card to send.

So go ahead and support the project and make it funnier by sharing along with your own photos of desolated places or just about anything you find desolate. It can even be an old, ugly car!! 

Thank you for your support!