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JAG ÄGNAR MIG MYCKET ÅT MUSIK. Jag har bl a ett metalband som heter Eucharist tillsammans med Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy), Tobias Gustafsson (Revengia) och Matti Almsenius (Revengia). Men jag har nyligen tagit upp ett gammalt intresse, nämligen elektronisk musik. Så jag kommer att posta låtar på mitt SoundCloud-konto från det projektet och länka härifrån samt att du har möjligheten att nå mitt soundcloud-lonto från högerspalten. Jag postar naturligtvis här men även på Facebook och Twitter när jag lägger upp nåt nytt elektroniskt. Håll ögonen här om ni intresserar er för det. Annars kan ni läsa om metal i allmänhet och Eucharist i synnerhet.

Återuppstoden Från Bortom Skuggorna…

(Non-Swedish speaking visitors – use Google Translate – No shit?! I mean it! *_* )

JAG HAR VÄCKT BLOGGAREN I MIG ÅTERIGEN och förhoppningsvis kommer han vara mer konsekvent med skrivandet den här perioden. Man kan ju alltid önska det i alla fall även om det är mest troligt att idioten upprepar sig. Men ärligt, jag skall bättra mig OM NI LÄSER skiten jag skriver så blir det roligare att skriva också. Fast enligt statistiken är det bra fart här ändå men det kunde ju bli mer aktivitet typ med kommentarer o.d. 

Okej, nog om den dyngan nu…

New baby added to the family

SO, IT HAS BEEN A LONG WHILE SINCE I WROTE HERE NOW and this isn’t exactly any breaking news either. I was just going to post a photo of my new TB-303 clone. I used to have the TB-3 from Roland but I sold that one and now I have a so called x0xb0x. Yes, it is spelled with zero’s because of historic reasons. The TB-303 was just one piece of machine in a series that included the SH-101, MC-202, TB-303, TR-505, TR-606, TR-707, TR-808 and TR-909 and to make it easy to refer to the series it has been called the x0x series where x= the numbers of the machiners depending on which one you refer to, but when you speak of the entire series you called it x0x-series. My new toy (Mabye now you understand the name better) is named TB-x0x and is called a x0x box, really, thus its name x0xb0x.

Latest YouTube Jamming Session #2 – Stockholm Brinner

This is my latest jamming session #2. I just enjoy playing with the stuff. This is a structured track though called Stockholm Brinner and it is pretty straight forward, really. Standard House/Trance-ish shit. More will come in the future. Hopefully a bit more fun stuff then. This is mostly to get to learn the video editing software so the jam sessions are very randomly performed. Plus I don’t really like having a camera over my shoulder but at the same time I’d like to make YouTube-videos for the sake of fun. Click on Read More to view the video.

Eucharist story updated

Corrections and spellcheck

I received a comment from one reader who corrected me about Sittard not being in Belgium but in Holland, too. And that there is no city called Zel Am See in Holland. Strange. I must have dreamt that one up. Anyway theses changes are corrected now and I also did a spellcheck, which I had forgotten and I am very sorry for that. It looked extremely bad written but by now things should be better! Please comment like Pim did if there is the least little thing on your mind you wonder about or want to ask etc. I’d love to answer your questions as far as I can.

Please comment like Pim did if there is the least little thing on your mind you wonder about or want to ask etc. I’d love to answer your questions as far as I can.

Cheers and thanks for visiting/reading!


Electronic Jamming Session Video

Jamming Session #1 – Electronic Project

I RECORDED A VIDEO OF A JAMMING SESSION with my electronic gear the other day. First time I made a half-half serious YouTube-video cuz I recorded the music as usual right into the computer with 96kHz quality so the sound is good but the output is too low on it, and then I smashed the audio and video together using Filmora video editor. I haven’t got the hang of it fully and I was just pretty eager to record and test the video editing software so that was really the main reason for the jamming session and it all It came out so-so.

Eucharist – The Naked Truth is Translated

FINALLY, MY FRIENDS, I CAN GIVE YOU THE English version of the Eucharist story. It has been a pleasure to work on this story with translation because I know now that so many more persons will get to read the story. And the stats shows that you are a whole lot of visitors coming here, roughly over 3600 uniqe visitors in two months is a good number! So I am very pleased with you that you keep visitng it and maybe you will spread the word about it too so that even more people will join us here. It’s just a blog but it’s fun to have readers.

About Translation of the EUCHARIST-Story

PEOPLE, METALHEADS, FANS – ALL YOU PEOPLE interested in the Eucharist-story – I am still in translation process but have been busy so I haven’t been working that hard with it but today I will grant the rest of the day to it so I hope to get the greater deal of it done today, at least this weekend it should be ready for you non-Swedish-speaking people. I just wanted you to know that I am still at it and have not forgotten about it or have neglected it at all. I’m looking forward to presenting it to you!

I’M SO BLOODY RESTLESS TODAY THAT I don’t know what I’m going to do. I know what it is but it doesn’t help me very much. I’m sitting here shaking my legs like a fucking steam engine… veeery old parts that is working like a beast. I hate when things like this happen to me. I swear it never shall happen but suddenly your in a situation where you just know you’re life is about to get fucked!´from behind and that is, of course, pleasant, but you want to be warned before, right? Or maybe you don’t you pervert!

Synthpop a la 80’s on SoundCloud

Sad story about a robot that can’t breath out atmosphere so he need to wear a gasmask. He’s so sad… He even hurts. :p