A New Desolation X For You Guys

I AM THROWING IN AN OLD PICE I FOUND on my computer that I like and that is worthy of being described as desolation. It’s when I was out photographing a couple of years ago and I went and took a pic of the camera stand and I think this looks really empty in a way. You miss the person that owns the stand, kind of. Even if I know it’s me it gives the kind of effect that I am after in my Desolation X-project. Feel free to comment on my pictures. All critique is welcome; good as well as bad. I need to develop in my way of thinking so your thoughts are more than welcome.

Anyway, here it is – the lonely stand in front of what I call “The Walls” in Rånäs. It is what is left of an old farm of a kind. It was belonging to Rånäs Castle, I do believe, which is just in the opposite direction to that of which the picture is taken from.

Desolation Rånäs

“The Walls” in Rånäs