A Hidden Oak Grove And Its Powers

Yes, it might get a little much just now but it is quite nice with a photo here and there. Well, it is to fill out the void that appears when I’m a bit busy doing other things than posting. So every time a Desolation X pops up you know it is my bad conscience that is making me do it. The photo below was taken on a very dark spring day this year. And the sky was heavy and looked as if it were made of iron almost. There was a special kind of atmosphere surrounding this oak grove that lay hidden from the road. Behind a bit of ordinary birch wood, a massive open green space appeared with a bunch of old oaks, some alive, some dead. It was before spring had forced their leaves out so they were standing there as majestic as only black oaks can be. And under this just as a massive sky, stretching their branches like winding arms toward the sky. As if they were drawn toward each other. As if they felt a common wish to merge in order to spread the darkness and the heaviness that comes with all that ages, which is everything. Even things since they’re made out of the same stuff that we are. In the end, we are all and everything only atoms kept together by forces barely understood. But of course the state of a “thing” must age as well, since it fundamental building blocks must wither in some way or another.

Nature Around Us And Within Us

Anyway, just have a look at this picture and enjoy its majesticness and its calm state of being and maturity. The stillness that this picture brings forward was nearly the exact stillness that appeared when shooting this photo. It was still and calm. A coolness, as if nature knew it was being analyzed by my curious mind, prevailed. Few are the days like this one. But how enjoyable they are and usually one does not know about them unless you happen to find yourself within the heart of nature that very same day. So probably we miss out quite some moments like that which we simply aren’t aware of because we exist in a totally different place at that time in time and space. Quite interesting, actually. Or I find it as such, anyway. I often analyze situations and often nature since nature is our home and our surrounding and it is a natural surrounding. Concrete buildings and highways are not. Nature is our true home. That is where the human soul belongs. And my belief is that our souls strive for this in order to calm down and lose the stress that otherwise is a common factor in our souls’ immediate surroundings which is like something actually surrounding the soul like a blanket, covering the soul, smothering it if the “blanket”/surrounding happens to be stress. So I think that even those who live in our cities are drawn towards the very nature that surrounds the city without the person knowing it but it may result in some kind of stress-related, emotional state. 

Nature Has Changed

Nature is within us just as we are within nature. We breathe nature, air that is filled with particles that are brought by it from the woods and meadows around our countrysides around the world. But unfortunately, it also brings is industrial pollution, dust, and gases from man-made structures and industries. It is brought from the cities out to the countryside where some of us reside and fill our lungs with bitter, acrid and polluted air. Nature have been affected! It is not what it was a thousand years ago. A hundred years ago. Many of you probably don’t give a shit about this and what can we do? Probably nothing, but I think that we at least could acknowledge the fact of what has happened and is happening to our nature around us and how it reflects in nature within ourselves. I leave you with these thoughts and this photo to your own thoughts and speculations. If you stare at this picture for a while it makes you think about things that you normally wouldn’t have done. Not that the photo is any special or spectacular – you are. And it is we that are affected by nature. And we need it.

A hidden oak grove in somewhere in Hjärtared, Ullared

Desolation Hjärtared