YET AGAIN, MARIE ZACKARIASSON PROVIDES US with another shot of desolation and it is another one from Tobago, too. This one is a nice one. It’s a car getting eaten by mother nature. What was earth will be earth! Captured with a digital system camera Marie catches a moment in time. I love those kinds of pictures of cars breaking down by nature. Not even steel can stand against her! The photo was taken back in 2009.

Here’s Marie’s description of her photo:

Mother nature takes back what is hers by right
Picture #2 from Tobago, 2009. A car that certainly has done its time on Earth!

And in Swedish…

Här är Marie’s beskrivning av bilden:

Moder Natur tar tillbaka vad som rättmätigt tillhör henne!
Bild #2 från Tobago 2009. En bil som i allra högsta grad gjort sitt!


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Once again, thank you, Marie!