Marie Zackariasson’s Contribution to Desolation X

this time I thank Marie Zackariasson for sending her photo of the northern hemisphere from Alta, Norway, in November 2016, while she was awaiting the northern lights to show up. It is shot with her Digital System Camera. Did it, Marie? It looks like one of those nights. Though I have never seen one myself :( This photo brings a strong feeling of desolation and a feeling of how small we are in this universe. Night skies are always fascinating and this is no exception. Also, the total absence of the Moon which is good if you are an astronomer of any level. Maybe it hides outside the camera but it doesn’t look like that. And sometimes the moon stays below the horizon all night. That is pretty bizarre in astronomy, actually. The Moon doesn’t follow a “normal” orbit like any other Moons in out Solar System. Is it authentic? ;)

Enjoy this beautiful photo and stay a while and gaze on it, will you? It has a lot of details in the mountains except for recognizing the constellations.

Photo by Marie Zackariasson

I väntan på norrskenet… Bilden är tagen utanför Alta i Nordnorge, november 2016. Photo: Marie Zackariasson © 2016