WE HAVE ANOTHER PHOTO FROM Marie Zackariasson. This time it is a color photo all the way from Tobago with cheery colors but still desolated so it fits the genre well. It is taken back in 2009 with her Digital System Camera.

Here is her own description of the moment:

This picture is taken at Tobago in the Caribbeans back in 2009, with an old and cranky worthless camera. This beach is called No Man’s Land. A desolated, godforsaken place… Here they arrange parties with food and dance and a lot of rum punch, but that is not easy to figure when you look at it now”

Eller på svenska:

Bilden är tagen på Tobago i Karibien år 2009, med en gammal och usel kamera. Stranden heter passande nog No Man’s Land. En övergiven och gudsförgäten plats… Här anordnas fester med mat och dans och massor av rum punch, men det kan man ju inte ana! :) 

I say thank you to Marie and hope you’ll send another photo.

Photo by Marie Zackariasson

Tobago, Caribbean Islands. © 2009 Marie Zackariasson