A Winter Night…

IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I POSTED here. More than 10 days, I believe. Although I have posted some of my own, and a bunch of Visitors’, Desolation X-photos, I haven’t written a real post for some time. But what to write, what to write? I will write about some real personal stuff today. I will share an experience with you guys from a special winter midnight and what you believe are your thoughts and what I believe is mine but to be honest – I have no clue whatsoever of what this was about or what really happened even though I do understand what was being done that winter night. Please, lay your opinions aside and try not to be clouded by prejudice, I beg you – for your own experience’ sake. 

First-hand Experience

In the winter night – it could be fifteen years ago or this year, who knows and it really doesn’t matter – it was quite a lot of snow on the ground at this particular time and it was around midnight in total darkness that a – let’s call it an unknown, second person – went along together with me in the night into the woods of my near neighborhood. We came to our desired spot which we had checked out earlier during daytime and we started by spreading the candle holders in a circle large enough to fit both of us inside it. The candles were lit and they burnt calmly… to start with. We started to chant the words of the Great Dragon to open the portal to the cosmic realms as a conduit between this world and the channeled energies of dimensions beyond ours. The candles burnt more fiercely the higher and more intense our voices grew and finally I called for the Great Draconian Entity and the bell rang, the snow turned red and soon only silence roamed in the night but a scream of intensity and strength filled my inner spirit. 

Mysterious Aftermath

What then happened is out of this discussion and has nothing to do with it really. All you need to know is what has already been written here. When finished I had my picture taken for a specific reason which is also not necessary for this discussion but the photograph itself is most certainly relevant to the matter of discussion here and the photo is what I wanted to write about but I had to give you a few circumstantial explanations in order to perceive the mysterious result. The image is not the only results achieved that night but enough for this discussion and when coming home I checked the image out and was quite amazed, to be honest. You can see the photo below. These are no lens flares, I tell you. Nor are they any reflections of the candle lights. That was easily checked. But what is it then? Is it the draconian father watching over us? Is it perhaps the very essence of winter and nature itself? Or is it an elk? We heard absolutely no branches cracking or cloves stomping on the ground anywhere. It was dead silence from when the culmination was reached and all the way home. Very calm outside and within. Judge for yourself…

Judgmental Thinking

Are you laughing? Well, I won’t judge you for doing that. I might as well have done the same if I were you but you have to put yourself into the situation and try to be empathetic to the situation. Imagine yourself being there in the silent winter night, chanting in a trancelike state of mind, and feeling an incredible mental strength increasingly escalate during and after this energizing accomplishment. It was amazing. But… that photo is pretty weird. Should it be there? Why so long a distance between the very large “eyes”? Simply, what is it?


I felt a calm happiness when I witnessed this photo for the first time and it still brings me satisfaction in a somewhat frustrating way. I, of course, have no answer to what this is/was. Maybe it was just a very large elk. After all – isn’t it extremely ridiculous to believe that this is a demon of some kind? They don’t exist, do they? To be honest, I, of course, haven’t got the answer to these questions – all I know of is that I called for the Dragon and the picture is mysterious. Ridiculous or not! Whatever it was that stood one or two meters behind my back that night, I will never ever be able to find the truth so I am not looking for it either. I have given you enough facts and you have to come to your own conclusion.

The Picture…

Night Mysticism

Night Mysticism