Jamming Session #1 – Electronic Project

I RECORDED A VIDEO OF A JAMMING SESSION with my electronic gear the other day. First time I made a half-half serious YouTube-video cuz I recorded the music as usual right into the computer with 96kHz quality so the sound is good but the output is too low on it, and then I smashed the audio and video together using Filmora video editor. I haven’t got the hang of it fully and I was just pretty eager to record and test the video editing software so that was really the main reason for the jamming session and it all It came out so-so. I didn’t manage to sync audio with video 100%, so there is a delay in the sound. You may already have seen it from my Facebook page. Maybe directly on YouTube. If you’re interested in checking it out and you haven’t seen it you can do so on my YouTube Channel. More specifically for this very video, you can click here

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About Jamming

“Jamming” means playing around with your instruments, testing things out on a more or less random basis. It doesn’t mean flawless performance. I have programmed all the instruments beforehand so I don’t play them live in this very video. But I control them live. That is where the “jamming” comes in. What I’m trying to say is that it isn’t following a correct track structure with for example 4 intro parts, 2 break parts, etc. And I was thinking of the shit being recorded so I lost focus of where I was here and there. I’m just trying to hide behind some bad excuses here so you don’t have to point it out in comments cuz I already am aware of that :)

Subheaders and the Comment System

an off-topic matter: you may have noticed that I have several subheaders in this text. It looks a little weird abd chopped up but I’m trying to follow my SEO programs recommendations for “How to write”, kind of. SEO=Search Engine Optimization. It helps users that are browsing the web to find my posts on their search results on Google and other search engines based on their keywords and my tags. And of course, it is nicer the more of you there are. Just trying this out. I will continue in other posts so this was just a notice. Maybe it actually makes it more readable. You comment if you have any such! I think two persons has found and used the comment system on this blog. It’s there for you to use! So – was this better or far worse?

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