TODAY IT IS MIDSOMMARAFTON IN SWEDEN and so fucking many people around the world will be pissed as hell, as usual on weekends and everyday too for that matter, Stabbing their wives in the face, hitting their friends in the face, beating some unknown guy with a baseball bat, another one will murder her husband tonight, someone will  probably stumble over a dead body in the woods (and one of those who finds a corpse might perhaps luckily be a necrophile – what are the odds? I’m sure it happens somewhere, though) , many women will be raped and beaten as if they weren’t worth shit and some ain’t really worth it either but most of them are and more women than you think will be having sex with a dog tonight! Yeah, doesn’t seem that strange in today’s world, does it? Not with Internet spraying its poison in your face without you having to look it up even. It’s just there all of a sudden (yeah sure, that is what you say to others!). I have never porn surfed in my life! BOOIINNNGGG! Oh shit, I have! And am I ashamed of it? Tell me why I should be ashamed looking at my opposite sexes pictures if someone is serving them on a plate to me? No? Then shut up and stick to your own business, then. (That was meant for those who oppose but self are into it)

Well if you really need to know – I don’t porn surf. That is too basic shit for me. I need highly specialized stuff that would have you guys drop off the chair and shit yourselves. Yea, we’re getting close but I’m not getting there anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I don’t do mainstream porn. I don’t do pr0n at all. I’m actually kind of sick of it. Sick of the society and sick of the fucked up people that roam the streets these days harassing young women because they can’t get any pussy anywhere else so the put a camera in their baskets and film up under young girls skirts and put camera’s everywhere just to film not so innocent girls. Strange enough all the male visitors seem to be eradicated from these films afterward. Don’t they realize there is a gay market? Shiet! I mean it’s cash, isn’t it? That’s what it all is about in the end. Sex and money, money and sex. Yup and no one is cleared on those charges!

So, like I said earlier – tonight several young women, very happy with her lives, their fantastic careers and their perfect boyfriends (“he’s soo cute”, they all say) will be out on town tonight partying to have a great time while that cute bitch of her (the man) is getting dressed in black and runs out in the night to lie in wait for a victim that he will rape – A young woman who’s very life will be partially destroyed tonight because he will be raping her. You think I’m sick? Who’s sick, huh? I’m – the guy writing about these idiots or the offenders themselves? I hope I hear the correct answer echoing on the other side there! Yea, ok, not anybody would sit down like this and just write like I do but am I sick or crazy because of that? Please comment and explain what your very problem might be and we’ll discuss the matter. 

Sweden used to be a nice country! We were an idyll that people came to from all over the world in order to get som cool air and a taste of the northern hemisphere – the beautiful constellations that only are viewable from the northern part of the world. They brought their cameras, their children and they got killed. So Sweden wasn’t a perfect country back 30-50 years ago either but it sure ain’t today! That’s for sure. We have something of a culture crash here. A multi-culture-crash, one could say. Blame the system. Blame the government. ! Well, yeah I agree there. They haven’t got a solution but who the hell has? There is only one solution and that is to arm one thousand B52’s with hydrogen bombs and blow the hell out of this world. It has happened before, several thousands of years ago. Don’t believe me? Check the facts and read your history. In India, for example, we have an area that has been dug forward which is humongous and which is from about 2500BC and consists of a mountain that has been turned into glass. Yes, The mountain has melted and merged into glass. There is only one thing in the world we know of can manage to achieve such a thing and that is the infamous H-bomb, and there are so many more signs around the world of worldwide cataclysms from the ancient days. So before you laugh at me you should really check your own history and then you can laugh at yourself until your teeth fall out of your mouth, if you’d like too.

Enjoy the Midsommarafton, people. I just hope that none of you reading this will hit your girlfriend, kill your hubby, beat someone to a pulp tonight or rape an innocent girl just because she has a short skirt! If so, you are not welcome back to this site! Everyone else is very welcome to stay and have a good time. :)

Cheers! *Raising the beer to ya’ll*