YOU KNOW, IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY TO KNOW WHAT to write about when you don’t have any spontaneous issue to bring up. I used to be expert in coming up with shit that was interesting despite handling nothing or anything. I think I’m still pretty good at that. That remains to see. I don’t mean this very post but the posts to come in the future to come. 

I am going to ask you a question twice today among many other questions… the main question is: is there anything wrong in loving? Now let’s go on with that question in our minds

Have you ever wanted to fuck a corpse? Or care for one? I mean, like, a real corpse? Ever felt the urge of feeling that cold skin against your hot skin? Never felt the urge to kiss its stiffened, blue/black lips – depending on what stage of decomposition it is in – not ever wanted to caress with your hand the skin of a dead body? If your lucky to get an undamaged body, that is – before the aftermath (considering the corpse died a natural death or by strangulation or any such gentle handling of its soul reaper) when there is no Y-scar in the chest, while the intestines are still intact for you to play with however you want to. All organs there and intact accept they are not working properly for a living human. But this is not longer a living human. Now ask yourself – what is the bad thing with giving the dead people a piece of your hearts love if that is what you feel for a corpse? And I mean you to really think this over. Would you go mad if you knew somebody gave you care and love after you are out of the picture? Or would you go crazy wanting to kill this person? (That though in itself is pretty funny since then you would have created a corpse yourself, hehe). 

But I am serious and so should you be. This is a very touchy matter and many of you readers out there – I am pretending you are many but the statistics say so so I will go on believe so – will be probably quite upset with this issue and some of you may just like the reading but maybe one or some of you do know what I am talking about and you are the ones I want to reach. I had a female friend who is a necrophiliac. She became quite notorious after the cops raided her apartment and found some human bones and skulls. She got to prison – for loving the dead. Just like you feel love for your hubby, your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or whomever it may be. Because this woman affected me in a most profound way. I had never had a discussion with a necrophiliac before that I knew of. This woman became an intimate friend in so that she confided in me and chose to speak up about her feelings. And our conversation was extensive and took many several weeks before we suddenly lost contact. I will not reveal any more of her sharings with me but I will talk in general about the issue. 

A dead body – imagine it. Close your eyes for ten seconds and contemplate a naked, dead body of any freely chosen sex… 10… 9… 8… Now close your eyes again and see yourself touching the body anywhere you want to. Maybe you would like to close his/her eyes. Maybe not. Anyway, just do it… 
Now close your eyes again and see yourself touching the body anywhere you want to. Do it no matter what you want to do. I am telling you to do this. It is only in your own mind and nobody will ever know you even read this blog. Touch the corpse. Maybe you would like to close his/her eyes. Maybe not. Anyway, just do it now… and take all the time you need…

What did it feel like? Think carefully what it felt like before you read on!


Now if you did what I told you to, you would have had a necrophilic experience. I will share a secret with you: I have contemplated these and other scenarios carefully with a depth that I’d call worthy the potential victim.Because you have got to remember that there is nothing sick in thinking. Now I ask you again: is there any wrong in loving? 

Can you see how difficult it is to just put a question just like that? How extremely ambiguous the question is in its simple state? But still, it must be possible to answer the question using this simplicity in relation to your own minds impact about what you chose to input into your prior experience. You go own and go to bed tonite and have a good thinking about this matter and whether it is a criminal act to love a dead body or not according to your own HONEST opinion. 

And just for your information – my own opinion on the subject is none of yours business. I might think it is a correct thing but I might as well think it is a dreadful thing. My opinion is not the issue here. Yours are but no one knows it. ;)

I will write further on this subject in the future. Please comment if you need to but avoid stupidity, please. I am not out to provoke anyone. I am barely discussing an experience of yours…

Regards Markus