Necrophilia (Pt. 2)

AS SOME OF YOU MIGHT RECALL I WROTE A POST on Necrophilia vs. love on June 5th, 2017 and I promised to continue on the subject and tonight is the time for that. 

What is necrophilia? To give an answer to this complex question in all its simplicity would be to say that necrophilia is the desire to, in some way, interact sexually and/or emotionally with a corpse. Sick, you say? Also definable. A pedophilia is an ugly orientation with no kind of exculpation (a defense of some offensive behavior) whatsoever and I think – no, I hope – that we all could agree on that part but if we can’t you are not getting any sympathy from me, though. However the desire to love or have intercourse with a corpse I can defend and understand, no matter how disgusting you might think that it is, because we have a few VERY decisive factors here – firstly a corpse is dead and considered to be soulless by almost all religions and philosophies around the world. That means a body is nothing we can call a living thing any longer. It is a thing. It has become waste. Very well, human waste. But still, non-living waste! Remember this! A corpse is the potential victim of a necrophiliac. A 3-year-old girl or a 7-year-old boy is a living organism among our own species (no matter what species it would concern, though) and definitely considered a living being. A human being. A little person that is about to learn what life is about and is about to LIVE maybe another 60 to 90 years, that is a very long time. These children, as we call them, are also inclined to think, feel, remember, etc. Remember this! A little person is the potential victim of a pedophile! Can you see what is wrong in this picture and which of the two orientations might be considered defensible? You should all have the same opinions! Do you?




The good old Herodotus or as we call him, the father of history, lived in the fifth century BC (c 484–c. 425 BC) and was a Greek that traveled widely throughout the old Black Sea area and among the old Scythians and in Egypt among many other places and everywhere he traveled he wrote down what he saw in an objective way that later came to be called the scientific way where you don’t take part and mix your own feelings and opinions into the text but write exactly the facts as they are. Anyway, Herodotus wrote in his book II about Egypt that it was common practice to leave all young and beautiful women and girls that deceased to decay for at least three days before they sent them off to the embalmer for funerary preparations because it was extremely common that intercourse with young dead women took place in ancient Egypt and especially among the embalmers. It was something that no one really thought anything of. It was just the way it was. It was looked at with much more ease than we do on rape today. Rape concerns a living being yet intercourse with a dead body would probably put you in jail in any country for a substantial number of years today. Acts of necrophilia are depicted on ceramics from the Moche culture, which reigned in northern Peru from the first to eighth century CE. A common theme in these artifacts is the masturbation of a male skeleton by a living woman. Further, in our history, the well-known warrior people, the Hittites’, law from the 16th century BC through to the 13th century BC explicitly permitted sex with the dead. So we haven’t always had this stiff (parten the expression) way to view sex with the dead.



So now we know a little of our own history to put in perspective here. We are obviously prone to continue to love our loved ones even past death, it seems to lie within our nature. And the fact is that that the very most natural and obvious thing with everything that has life is that it one day will lose its life and submit to the ever expectant death from which there is no escape whatsoever. And is it then so very wrong to give somebody (parten the expression again) our love when we have left this earth life? If anything lives on from us as beings it is what we call the soul and that is obviously released from its carnal prison the first things that happen when death appears. So I don’t really think we could judge the dead lovers right yet. At least not me. Becuase I can’t see what is so terribly wrong with it. Yea sure, sex in itself is a pretty bizarre act that between living things has to do with securing one’s bloodline but only like 2% of all the times you practice sex, which then is for pleasure only and no fucking bloodline maintenance! Sex with a “thing” is not considered as something they put you in jail for if you fuck a plastic vagina for instance. So we’re back at what a dead body really is: we came to the conclusion that it is certainly dead, lack life, is not living, is a thing, has become waste. So is fucking waste any worse from fucking a plastic vagina then or a dildo for that matter in order to drag our female companions into this scenario as well for the sake of it.



Shall we end this discussion for now by considering that sex with the dead is not much worse than sex with another dead/non-living thing? I am happy with that conclusion. But I think we can all agree that the act of digging up a corpse from its place of rest is a quite macabre thing to do and not very easy for the poor buggers that wants their decomposed remains, bones and all. You know I told you I used to know this necrophiliac and she told me that she used the radius bone from the arm in order to masturbate with because it was perfect for that kind of entertainment, apparently. So why don’t we make it easier for our fellow necrophiles in our society? Would you mind being loved a bit extra time after life has forsaken you and left you to rot in the earth? Or would it be a somewhat comforting thought to know that someone somewhere will love your remains even. These guys and girls won’t whine on your make-up, they wont whine about your smoking habits, your drinking habits, your hairstyle, your clothes, your extra fat etc. They love the state of you whatever it may be as long as your dead. So, shall we integrate the necrophiliacs of this worlds in our society and love them and their curageous acts of loving? I say we do!

End of this story… for now.