It is supposed to be depressive and I think it is in a beautiful kind of way, don’t you think? It speaks for itself as all my desolation X-photos does, according to me. They are self-representative, so to speak. This is also how I can feel within sometimes… the desolation, the dysphoria surrounding the environment and situation when you think of the days when this sofa was actively used and maybe children ran around it or sat in it in grandpa’s lap, who asked the little one if she could turn his knob for a while… No haha. just kidding. Bad joke in the middle of that seriousness! Horribe me! Thinking of Misters naughty thoughts. He might have been the best grandpa in the world, who knows. I’m just trying to repair the situation here. But don’t you agree? It has something of a soul to it, this photo and the content. Judge for yourself… This is in Släne, Nösslinge.

Desolation X - Släne

Somewhere in… time?