Time for some Desolation X-photos again. I was actually asked to put up one of these images here so I decided to put up a couple since they can describe the place a little better then.This time I uploaded multiple photos from the same environment because it is so beautiful there. It is outside Ullared – a lake called Hjärtaredssjön and this very part of it looks like a tiny ilttle swamp. It used to be very dry here so the ground is usually not covered with water but dust but now it had rained for about three days and the water level raised marginally. It was raining the day I took the photos and the sky was, of course, gray and it was a bit foggy, too, so it came out very beautiful. Like the soul of a goddess. So here they are – the bunch of photos. I haven’t edited these photos at all. I only put a frame around them. It is just about one kilometer from where I resided when I was living down there the past six months between December and June.