IT HAS BEEN A PRODUCTIVE WEEKEND here, musicallywise, on the electronic part that is. I have uploaded three new songs the last few days and I’m pretty happy with how they came out. I love my new Arturia MicroBrute and it goes so well together with KORG’s tiny analogue synth, Volca Keys. It’s a marriage of one kind. If you’re in to electronic music you should listen, of course, but even if you’re not into it you should give it an ear because I ususally do metal which is not so quite far away from the electronic world as one might believe. You see there is an aggressive electronic music genre called Acid which is almost always only consisting of two instrument – a dirty drummachine and a bassline machine that can sound like Roland’s classic little lovely silverobx TB-303 Bassline.But there are emulators and I have one of the newest kind of emulators and this one actually does sound very good. If you don’t own a TB-303 I’d say you would have trouble telling them apart if you heard them play the same bassline with the same settings. Anyway, Acid is usualy made out of a distorted or non-distorted drummachince like the TR-808 or TR-909 and sometimes TR-606 (but that is hardcore fanatics working with them) and a bassmachine. Mine is called TB-3 and comes from Roland who also made the classic original TB-303 and until about a year ago they haven’t been able to re-do what they did in 1982-1984 when producing the original silverbox. But this one is actually capable of doing the job very good.

Anyway, I have not made any hardcore Acid-tracks lately but I have instead been doing some Ambient techno (Ambient music is very soothing, calm, slow BPM-tracks with soft sounds and absolutely not necessarily a bass machine but these tracks do but not in the ordinary way they used to sound like. Just have a go and you’ll see if you’ll like it or not. Here they are, the latest tracks. Just click on the link and you will be taken to my list of tracks, Then choose the latest ones or for any sake check them all out. Some are very low output on though. I am appologizing for that.