MY STATISTICS HAS SHOWN ME THAT THERE HAS BEEN a lot of foreign users here visiting this blog and since mot of it is in Swedish it is hard or impossible to read it for them trying to use google Translate and shit that won’t make any sense at all and I think all the Swedish visitors will have no problem in understanding English so I have decided to write most of my future posts in English. I will add this fact to the static front page as well. I’m happy to see so many of you visiting the blog. Almost 200 in just a few days. I’m happy with that but felt I had to make something to keep you here and writing in Swedish won’t help, so… thus this decision. So spread the word about the blog and next time you will be able to read at least 80% of my posts. We’ll go for a trial and see what happens. 

Simma lugnt! \m/