Rånäs – My Neighborhood

Somewhere in Rånäs during the winter, actually, even if it doesn’t look like that, like many of the winters we have down here, but often we do get a lot of snow in the Roslagen area. I recall winters of 2010 and 2011 when we had about 1m and that is just so wonderful. I had never seen so much snow until I moved here before. Down on the west coast where I am from there hardly even snows and when it does it gets to lie for a few days and then it melts away again and sure, it’s the same thing around here too, mostly, but at least this area has the capability of having real harsh winters and I love them. So another little piece of my neighborhood, which I nowadays call my home, gets the attention today. Nothing special about the photo 

Någonstans i Rånäs, Roslagen.

Desolation Rånäs

So this is about hundred meters or so from my door. It’s no dense wood but a pleasant place to be at. There are definitely dense woods all over around in my area. We have great pine forests around and also a lot of mixed forests. I use to walk around in them and I have definitely had experiences inside of them. Maybe I will write about one of them here in the future. It was a quite harsh night’s experience but the shit didn’t happen until we came home, hehe. It still haunts me and makes me somewhat agitated when thinking of them. Anyway, here you get a little taste of Rånäs in grayscale which is almost how it looks IRL *__* I will upload so much nicer photos than these of my area around here for you. There are some spectacular fall photos that will soon make their way to the Desolation library.

Somewhere other place in Rånäs

Desolation Rånäs