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Desolation X

IT’S BEEN QUITE A WHILE SINCE I LAST WROTE here but I am going to change that soon and start being more frequent here again so I am not gone for good. In the meantime I wanted to shoe some images of a place me an my brother found when we were out driving saturday morning the weekend we were at Gefle Metal Festival and we had nothing to do but to take a look at the surrounding nature. When I saw this desolated house where no one lives in and where the grass stans high all over I immidiately thought of my Desolation X project; it’s perfect for this.

Not much to say really. I don’t even remember what that little hole we lived in was called but obviously near outside Gävle. So go ahead and enjoy these photos. They are run through heavy filtering using Snapseed as you all probably can see.



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See ya’ll soon. Enjoy the sombre colors of the beautiful autumn that lays upon us now. Sweden is a wondrous place this time of year I think.

Desolation X [Vistor Marie]

Hello. Long time, no see. Will get to the post writing once I have posted theses photos of desolation from Marie Zackariasson again :)

This time I give you a pair of photos. She describes them as follows:

Desolation X [Visitor Marie’s Contribution]

YET AGAIN, MARIE ZACKARIASSON PROVIDES US with another shot of desolation and it is another one from Tobago, too. This one is a nice one. It’s a car getting eaten by mother nature. What was earth will be earth! Captured with a digital system camera Marie catches a moment in time. I love those kinds of pictures of cars breaking down by nature. Not even steel can stand against her! The photo was taken back in 2009.

Here’s Marie’s description of her photo:

Mother nature takes back what is hers by right
Picture #2 from Tobago, 2009. A car that certainly has done its time on Earth!

Desolation X by Visitor Mikael Granqvist

I am happy to post the first photo in the Desolation X-library that has been uploaded by one of you visitors, namely Mikael Granqvist from Umeå, Sweden, who shot the following photo with his digital system camera. His own desription of the photo is as follows:

Upload Your Photos To The Desolation X-project!

Upload Your Photos To Support Desolation X-project (Sticky Post)

As you all have seen I post photographies under the name Desolation X. You can’t have missed it! And if you like the photos or the idea of this project – Please, feel free to upload your own photos to support the Project. I would love to have your photos sent to me! Maybe they are taken in another country, maybe just outside your door, in the woods, on the fields, hills and valleys or lakes or whatever, just as long as it has this feeling of melancholy in it. Some kind of depressive weight to it. Maybe you don’t see it the way I do, so just post the photos you believe will be suitable and I will publish what I like, but probably all. Just think of that no persons shall be on it. Otherwise, a dysphoric environment could be in the cities or in the country or in a house or a barn or wherever, really. You set the standard by what you upload.

Another Desolation X-post

This is what I see in wintertimes when I go outside. I have to cross this road in order to get anywhere – to my walks, to the woods, to the village, whatever. A very depressive little village it is. But it is pleasant in summertimes…

100m from my door. Instant Depression!


Desolation X – Ekdungen, Hjärtared


Ekdungen i Hjärtared

Desolation X – Rånäs (Hemtrakter)


Dags för en liten Desolation x-bild igen, tänkte jag. Sitter här och längtar hem en aning så det blev naturligt att välja en bild från hemtrakterna som dessutom är depressiv i sin natur liksom orten i sig. Skithålan rymmer 400 mer eller mindre döda människor. Vi som bor där är inte folk, vi är oäkta människor – unreal humans. Men vi mår skit på riktigt. 

Någonstans i rånäs

Desolation X ( Släne )

DEN HÄR BILDEN ÄR EN AV ETT MINDRE ANTAL SOM JAG tog när vi var med min broder för att kolla på ett hus. På gården till huset stod den här boden som bara skrek ödslighet i mina ögon. Men det är så här jag ser världen. Som genom en samling av diverse melankoliska filter, så att säga. Finns mycket mer och i princip ingenting alls att skriva om den här bilden. Lämna gärna en kommentar om du har några av bilden du ser.


Någonstans kring Nösslinge

Desolation X ( Hjärtared )

JAG OCH MIN BRORSON JOEL VAR I HJÄRTARED IDAG och stannade till vid en eklund som ligger lite avsides vägen men väl inne i den så är det rena dunkelheten och mysterium fyller atmosfären i området omedelbart. Vädret var perfekt också; det var mörka, tjocka moln på väg till regn samt vind som blåste slött men med en den kastvindar som skickade molnen snabb åt ett håll. Bilden är tagen i den lunden. Tror jag komemer lägga upp fler bilder från den här ekdungen. Låt oss kalla den för just ekdungen så vet ni. Den hade mycket att bjuda på. Flera olika landskap i ett enda kuperat och stenigt område. Enjoy the phtoto…. look in it and you will note several different details you normally wouldn’t see. (Of course the photo is edited! That is the secret to implement depression into any photo.)

Enjoy the phtoto…. look in it and you will note several different details you normally wouldn’t see.

Ekdungen i Hjärtared