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Återuppstoden Från Bortom Skuggorna…

(Non-Swedish speaking visitors – use Google Translate – No shit?! I mean it! *_* )

JAG HAR VÄCKT BLOGGAREN I MIG ÅTERIGEN och förhoppningsvis kommer han vara mer konsekvent med skrivandet den här perioden. Man kan ju alltid önska det i alla fall även om det är mest troligt att idioten upprepar sig. Men ärligt, jag skall bättra mig OM NI LÄSER skiten jag skriver så blir det roligare att skriva också. Fast enligt statistiken är det bra fart här ändå men det kunde ju bli mer aktivitet typ med kommentarer o.d. 

Okej, nog om den dyngan nu…

Eucharist – The Naked Truth is Translated

FINALLY, MY FRIENDS, I CAN GIVE YOU THE English version of the Eucharist story. It has been a pleasure to work on this story with translation because I know now that so many more persons will get to read the story. And the stats shows that you are a whole lot of visitors coming here, roughly over 3600 uniqe visitors in two months is a good number! So I am very pleased with you that you keep visitng it and maybe you will spread the word about it too so that even more people will join us here. It’s just a blog but it’s fun to have readers.

About Translation of the EUCHARIST-Story

PEOPLE, METALHEADS, FANS – ALL YOU PEOPLE interested in the Eucharist-story – I am still in translation process but have been busy so I haven’t been working that hard with it but today I will grant the rest of the day to it so I hope to get the greater deal of it done today, at least this weekend it should be ready for you non-Swedish-speaking people. I just wanted you to know that I am still at it and have not forgotten about it or have neglected it at all. I’m looking forward to presenting it to you!




The EUCHARIST-story will be translated into English

OK, SO IT SEEMS AS IF THE EUCHARIST-STORY WAS well appreciated by Swedish speaking people so I have decided to translate the EUCHARIST-text into English within the near future so that all of you who doesn’t speak Swedish can take part in the joy as well. I am very humble to all of you who have read it and commented on it with positive feedback so thank you for reading it. I will get on the work to translate the text as soon as possible and as fast as I can when I have the time for it. But I promise you it will be done! 

Stay tuned, people. I have more or less active days so sometimes I will post several times per day and other times there will go days without any posts. Just so that you know.

Regards Markus

New Eucharist Mix

I GOT ANOTHER MIXED TRACK OF THE DEMO SONGS to the new album from Daniel Yesterday and he has been very busy with Arch Enemy lately due to their new Album. But now he has had some time to start mixing again and I got fired up when I got this mix because it was over two months since the latest mix arrived and I had forgotten so much, hehe. Well, anyway, this gave me a kick in the ass again, reminding me of that this new stuff is great shit, according to myself. I’m very happy with the results. Wouldn’t it be pretty bad if things were otherwise? Well, they aren’t, so now I think things are starting to move forward again. and that is going to be pretty interesting. Where will we land? What label? What will the contract be like? And so on… There is nothing more to do than to sit back and wait now, I guess. Interesting. 

I’ve gotta listen through the finished mixes once again to remind myself about them. If I can find them! They’re spread out everywhere! Will get back to you on this matter several times more in the future as soon as something concerning Eucharist happens I will mention it here.

Svartabloggen.com (STICKY)

Welcome to my void of gloomy nothingness – Svartabloggen.com


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Jag a.k.a. Ferus

I STARTED WORKING ON THIS BLOG SEVERAL YEARS AGO but things came in between so I put it on ice – until now. Now I feel ready to give of myself for your interest, hopefully. Anyway I have decided that I will write about nearly everything here that in some way is connected to me or my interests or whatever as long as it feels worth writing about at the time but expect stuff like about my bad moods, my vomiting on society, bullshit and more bullshit, metal – especially about my band EUCHARIST, electronic music, which is an old interest that I just picked up recently and enjoy playing around with, what I ate for breakfast, when I last made a fool out of myself or whatever! Everything! Nature’s beauty and the soul, spirit beings, magick, satanism, different kind of religious discussions, my hatred, my sadness, my love, my bitterness toward life, misanthropy, dysphoria, etc etc… I hope you understand that
the message here will be very varying and different from time to time. I wish I had written this first page before I opened up the blog because now I will miss a lot of readers due to the decision to write in Swedish but I have changed my mind there when I saw the statistics over the visitors and that most of them were not from Sweden and what good is this blog for them so I figured that any Swedish visitor probably won’t have any greater trouble reading English so I will write most of my posts in English for you nonswedish-speaking visitors. Anyway – I would like to welcome all of you visits this blog and I hope you will have a great time here. I recommend you to fill in your email address for a subscription to this blog. That would mean that every time I post a new post you will get an email telling you so. So if you want to follow me, please go ahead and subscribe (you will find the textbox for subscription just bleow the menu). What this blog will be filled with is something for the future to tell us but I hope that you will be a part of it! Don’t be afraid to comment either (and like for that matter, if something is to your satisfaction).

I WISH YOU ALL VERY WELCOME TO MY GLOOMY SPHERE where you could hang out when you have nothing better to do. Bother to comment if you’d like that. I will answer them all. So I guess there is nothing more to say for now except that I am going back to writing posts now, hoping to see a lot more foreign readers in the time to come. Spread the word about this if you have friends that give a shit. I’d appreciate it a lot. And I thank you all for visiting this blog! And, please, feel welcome because you are! 



Hej och välkomna till alla svenska besökare. Om ni har läst ovan stycke så förstår ni att jag beslutat mig för att skriva på engelska mest och för det ber jag om ursäkt för till alla er Svenskar som inte läser Engelska särskilt bra men jag kommer att skriva på svenska! Hur som helst, här kommer jag skriva om allt möjligt men en hel del om musik, meditation, böcker, svart magi och satanism, till viss del och religion i allmänhet, film, TV-serier (Star Trek är storfavorit ) vad jag hatar och vad jag älskar, m.m. Kort och gott jag kommer att skriva om allt mellan firmamentets upplysta stoftvärld och Tartaros djupa hålor. Och jag kommer att posta en hel del fotografier men mest kommer det antagligen handla om skitsnack och dagligt mående eller åsikter om olika ämnen som lär vara relaterade till mina dagliga bekymmer och sinnesstämningar. Exakt vad den här bloggen kommer att fyllas med får framtiden visa. Och jag hoppas nu vill vara med och utgöra en del av den genom att hänga här och vara aktiva vad gäller kommentarer, likes och röstning m.m. Tills vidare rekommenderar jag er som läser svenska att kika igenom “Guide till menyn” i menyn så får fattar ni upplägget och kan där läsa om bl a mitt metalband Eucharist samt mitt nyupptagna intresse för elektronisk musik m.m. 


Simma lugnt!

Markus Johnsson,
Updated May 19th, 2017