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Eucharist – The Naked Truth is Translated

FINALLY, MY FRIENDS, I CAN GIVE YOU THE English version of the Eucharist story. It has been a pleasure to work on this story with translation because I know now that so many more persons will get to read the story. And the stats shows that you are a whole lot of visitors coming here, roughly over 3600 uniqe visitors in two months is a good number! So I am very pleased with you that you keep visitng it and maybe you will spread the word about it too so that even more people will join us here. It’s just a blog but it’s fun to have readers.

The EUCHARIST-story will be translated into English

OK, SO IT SEEMS AS IF THE EUCHARIST-STORY WAS well appreciated by Swedish speaking people so I have decided to translate the EUCHARIST-text into English within the near future so that all of you who doesn’t speak Swedish can take part in the joy as well. I am very humble to all of you who have read it and commented on it with positive feedback so thank you for reading it. I will get on the work to translate the text as soon as possible and as fast as I can when I have the time for it. But I promise you it will be done! 

Stay tuned, people. I have more or less active days so sometimes I will post several times per day and other times there will go days without any posts. Just so that you know.

Regards Markus