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Picking up the pieces where I left them

As I sit here with my vaporizer, gently having a zip from it now and then, I feel the level of melancholy rising within and a little bit of paranoia knowing I’ll soon be put in solitude again but that is what I need at present. So I will quickly adapt. (*zippin’*). I will get back to reading about religious history, archaeology, demonology, chaos magick, Luciferianism, Satanism, LHP and many other enlightening literary areas and subjects and I will start my workings again and the meditation and

Another Desolation X-post

This is what I see in wintertimes when I go outside. I have to cross this road in order to get anywhere – to my walks, to the woods, to the village, whatever. A very depressive little village it is. But it is pleasant in summertimes…

100m from my door. Instant Depression!