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Special Desolation X – 2 in 1

Rånäs – My Neighborhood

Somewhere in Rånäs during the winter, actually, even if it doesn’t look like that, like many of the winters we have down here, but often we do get a lot of snow in the Roslagen area. I recall winters of 2010 and 2011 when we had about 1m and that is just so wonderful.

Time To Pack Up And Go Home

TIME HAS RUN OUT FOR THIS TRIP AND I AM GOING HOME, back to Rånäs, again. If you didn’t know it I’ve been staying down here in southern Sweden (Varberg/Ullared/Falkenberg with surroundings) at my family’s places since December 2016 and I had planned to go home again in late January but I had an accident and broke my right leg and had an operation and I had to recover for several months so I decided to stay down here where help is at hand and I could relax and stop thinking of how to get food, how to go to places to get things etc. But now it’s time to go home. I’m not well just yet. I have a few months left until I’m am as recovered as I can get.