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Killing my baby-mate…

Today I will go to the vet with my little companion. She is 17 years and 3 months old and she has cancer. During the past few months, she has lost both hearing and sight. Her sight was almost lost over night! But she has been strong and fought her battle against death and seemed pretty alert, walking around the apartment trying to find her way to whatever place she was looking for, but the last two nights she has hidden herself under my couch, and she doesn’t come out for food or water – she has always been a big drinker that could drink enormous amounts of cold water.

Necrophilia Or Just Love? (Part II)

Necrophilia (Pt. 2)

AS SOME OF YOU MIGHT RECALL I WROTE A POST on Necrophilia vs. love on June 5th, 2017 and I promised to continue on the subject and tonight is the time for that. 

What is necrophilia? To give an answer to this complex question in all its simplicity would be to say that necrophilia is the desire to, in some way, interact sexually and/or emotionally with a corpse. Sick, you say? Also definable. A pedophilia is an ugly orientation with no kind of exculpation (a defense of some offensive behavior) whatsoever and I think – no, I hope – that we all could agree on that part but if we can’t you are not getting any sympathy from me, though.

You will die, so make some good loving meanwhile you’re waiting

A SOUL IS LIKE A LANDSCAPE, wounded from past and present wars, shaped by the cataclysmic happenings through our/natures history, molded into what we have/it has become. A soul can be beautiful and most probably are but we don’t see them because we are blinded by our everyday obstacles that keep us from noticing such thníngs as our fellow humans’ souls or the soul if an individual. And today I am thinking of individual souls… I’ve come to know this person with a heart full of love and I’m sure that this persons’ soul is as beautiful as the one I hope fills my own void. Most probably not so because when I think of it – what am I actually made of… what am I worth… what does it matter that someone somewhere is having feelings…

Necrophilia Or Just Love?

YOU KNOW, IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY TO KNOW WHAT to write about when you don’t have any spontaneous issue to bring up. I used to be expert in coming up with shit that was interesting despite handling nothing or anything. I think I’m still pretty good at that. That remains to see. I don’t mean this very post but the posts to come in the future to come. 

I am going to ask you a question twice today among many other questions… the main question is: is there anything wrong in loving? Now let’s go on with that question in our minds

Have you ever wanted to fuck a corpse? Or care for one? I mean, like, a real corpse?