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Desolation X by Visitor Mikael Granqvist

I am happy to post the first photo in the Desolation X-library that has been uploaded by one of you visitors, namely Mikael Granqvist from Umeå, Sweden, who shot the following photo with his digital system camera. His own desription of the photo is as follows:

Upload Your Photos To The Desolation X-project!

Upload Your Photos To Support Desolation X-project (Sticky Post)

As you all have seen I post photographies under the name Desolation X. You can’t have missed it! And if you like the photos or the idea of this project – Please, feel free to upload your own photos to support the Project. I would love to have your photos sent to me! Maybe they are taken in another country, maybe just outside your door, in the woods, on the fields, hills and valleys or lakes or whatever, just as long as it has this feeling of melancholy in it. Some kind of depressive weight to it. Maybe you don’t see it the way I do, so just post the photos you believe will be suitable and I will publish what I like, but probably all. Just think of that no persons shall be on it. Otherwise, a dysphoric environment could be in the cities or in the country or in a house or a barn or wherever, really. You set the standard by what you upload.

Picking up the pieces where I left them

As I sit here with my vaporizer, gently having a zip from it now and then, I feel the level of melancholy rising within and a little bit of paranoia knowing I’ll soon be put in solitude again but that is what I need at present. So I will quickly adapt. (*zippin’*). I will get back to reading about religious history, archaeology, demonology, chaos magick, Luciferianism, Satanism, LHP and many other enlightening literary areas and subjects and I will start my workings again and the meditation and