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This dying world… is my home by force (A word on isolation)

NEVER IN MY LIFETIME WILL THERE BE any other place to go. This world is supposed to be a place where there is room for all of us but sometimes I feel as if there is not enough room for me alone. The mind during these periods is darkened by shadowed thoughts. Single words may then linger in my consciousness and repeat itself until I normally would be on the verge of insanity but I have been there so many times that I honestly miss that state of mind when I am not in it anymore.  How can that be so? Because once in there I feel undoubtedly secure and very isolated from the other souls around me. I do not see them. I do not feel their presence if they are around me.

Desolation X [Vistor Marie]

Hello. Long time, no see. Will get to the post writing once I have posted theses photos of desolation from Marie Zackariasson again :)

This time I give you a pair of photos. She describes them as follows:

Desolation X [Visitor Marie’s Contribution]

YET AGAIN, MARIE ZACKARIASSON PROVIDES US with another shot of desolation and it is another one from Tobago, too. This one is a nice one. It’s a car getting eaten by mother nature. What was earth will be earth! Captured with a digital system camera Marie catches a moment in time. I love those kinds of pictures of cars breaking down by nature. Not even steel can stand against her! The photo was taken back in 2009.

Here’s Marie’s description of her photo:

Mother nature takes back what is hers by right
Picture #2 from Tobago, 2009. A car that certainly has done its time on Earth!

Desolation X – Natures Expression of Depression

A Hidden Oak Grove And Its Powers

Yes, it might get a little much just now but it is quite nice with a photo here and there. Well, it is to fill out the void that appears when I’m a bit busy doing other things than posting. So every time a Desolation X pops up you know it is my bad conscience that is making me do it. The photo below was taken on a very dark spring day this year. And the sky was heavy and looked as if it were made of iron almost. There was a special kind of atmosphere surrounding this oak grove that lay hidden from the road. Behind a bit of ordinary birch wood, a massive open green space appeared with a bunch of old oaks, some alive, some dead.

Special Desolation X – 2 in 1

Rånäs – My Neighborhood

Somewhere in Rånäs during the winter, actually, even if it doesn’t look like that, like many of the winters we have down here, but often we do get a lot of snow in the Roslagen area. I recall winters of 2010 and 2011 when we had about 1m and that is just so wonderful.

Evil Nature (Photos of Mountainwalls)

Hey! There is this function in one of my camera apps for Android that I have that mirrors the image from the middle and to the right vertically and that gives a cool effect when you photograph, for instance, mountainwalls, which I had for a pleasure a while after finding out about this app feature. The results are almost everytime some kind of a demonic face or form! It sounds weird and it is in a way but that is what it shows to be. And you must admit it looks pretty cool, don’t you think? Have a look at the photos I’ve gathered below to find out for yourself.


Click on the little bastards!


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Time To Pack Up And Go Home

TIME HAS RUN OUT FOR THIS TRIP AND I AM GOING HOME, back to Rånäs, again. If you didn’t know it I’ve been staying down here in southern Sweden (Varberg/Ullared/Falkenberg with surroundings) at my family’s places since December 2016 and I had planned to go home again in late January but I had an accident and broke my right leg and had an operation and I had to recover for several months so I decided to stay down here where help is at hand and I could relax and stop thinking of how to get food, how to go to places to get things etc. But now it’s time to go home. I’m not well just yet. I have a few months left until I’m am as recovered as I can get.

Desolation X ( Källsjö )

DESOLATION X ÄR MITT SÄTT ATT DOKUMENTERA ödsliga platser i Sverige eller där jag råkat befinna mig och fotograferat ödslighet. När jag döpte bilderna blev det Desolation Kungsäter, Desolation Gunnarsjö, Desolation Hule etc och därav heter katergorin just Desolation X där x=byggdens namn. Här hoppas jag posta en hel del framöver. Börjar med att skänka er en ödesmättad natur från någon bortglömd plats jag inte själv minns vart det var någonstans…

Jo nu när jag lade in fotot så såg jag att det var fotat i Källsjö, Halland. Sannerligen en dyster håla med många likar. Njut av bilden och sug i er det ödesmättade som strålar ur den. Blir ju slö bara att att slänga ett öga på den. Påminner mig om att jag borde återuppta min meditation snart, från det ena till det andra.