I GOT ANOTHER MIXED TRACK OF THE DEMO SONGS to the new album from Daniel Yesterday and he has been very busy with Arch Enemy lately due to their new Album. But now he has had some time to start mixing again and I got fired up when I got this mix because it was over two months since the latest mix arrived and I had forgotten so much, hehe. Well, anyway, this gave me a kick in the ass again, reminding me of that this new stuff is great shit, according to myself. I’m very happy with the results. Wouldn’t it be pretty bad if things were otherwise? Well, they aren’t, so now I think things are starting to move forward again. and that is going to be pretty interesting. Where will we land? What label? What will the contract be like? And so on… There is nothing more to do than to sit back and wait now, I guess. Interesting. 

I’ve gotta listen through the finished mixes once again to remind myself about them. If I can find them! They’re spread out everywhere! Will get back to you on this matter several times more in the future as soon as something concerning Eucharist happens I will mention it here.