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Desolation X – Natures Expression of Depression

A Hidden Oak Grove And Its Powers

Yes, it might get a little much just now but it is quite nice with a photo here and there. Well, it is to fill out the void that appears when I’m a bit busy doing other things than posting. So every time a Desolation X pops up you know it is my bad conscience that is making me do it. The photo below was taken on a very dark spring day this year. And the sky was heavy and looked as if it were made of iron almost. There was a special kind of atmosphere surrounding this oak grove that lay hidden from the road. Behind a bit of ordinary birch wood, a massive open green space appeared with a bunch of old oaks, some alive, some dead.

Desolation X – Rånäs (Hemtrakter)


Dags för en liten Desolation x-bild igen, tänkte jag. Sitter här och längtar hem en aning så det blev naturligt att välja en bild från hemtrakterna som dessutom är depressiv i sin natur liksom orten i sig. Skithålan rymmer 400 mer eller mindre döda människor. Vi som bor där är inte folk, vi är oäkta människor – unreal humans. Men vi mår skit på riktigt. 

Någonstans i rånäs