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Desolation X [Visitor Marie’s contribution]

Marie Zackariasson’s Contribution to Desolation X

this time I thank Marie Zackariasson for sending her photo of the northern hemisphere from Alta, Norway, in November 2016, while she was awaiting the northern lights to show up. It is shot with her Digital System Camera. Did it, Marie? It looks like one of those nights. Though I have never seen one myself :( This photo brings a strong feeling of desolation and a feeling of how small we are in this universe. Night skies are always fascinating and this is no exception.

Stars and The Universe; and you think we are alone?

TODAY SEEMS TOO BE A FINE DAY (TO DIE) as any other day is, but today Sol, our solar system’s star, is breaking through the thick atmosphere and lets its rays pierce through all the way down to our bodies where it leaves its mark in form of tan (Eh! Ain’t that bizarre when you think of it?). In the quite recent past I rather loathed the Sun but lately, that is the last few years, I have come to appreciate life so much more than I’ve ever done before. I used to hate our star and wished for this nearly perfect sphere of burning plasma to take a hike to another dark place in the outer rims of our galaxy. Let’s just say I used to hate then Sun. I don’t any longer because of several reasons. First, I was very young when I had those feelings and my life was pitch black in